About Us

About Us




Essentials Spa of Clearwater is a luxury spa in the heart of Clearwater. Here you will enter a serene and luxurious ambiance where you will be stress free and relaxed. We believe in being very hands-on and strive to provide our guests, with the same level of service and courtesy we would expect. Our therapist and estheticians are licensed and experienced, chose for their skill and commitment to customer service. 

As the “Home of Affordable Luxury,” our goal is to provide an exceptional spa experience with excellent value so you can make visits to Essentials Spa of Clearwater a regular part of yourself-care routine. 

Reward yourself with an utmost relaxing experience of them all, by signing up for a massage session at our spa!

That is on par with helping yourself get body regenerated with the new energy and spirits re-charged with a new power!

We take great pride in our commitment to the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Just as well as to ourselves, and the surrounding world we live in. 

Our gift within our community is tranquil space, superior treatments, resources and education. Our team lives and works just to promote health and well-being amongst the community!


Always Ready to Massage Your Spine!

If you’re looking for that perfect relaxation getaway… or want to take care of your skin’s health and looks, then we are the place to go… We provide an ultimate, universal set of SPA & skin care procedures for both women and men!

Experienced & Handy!

We are the best Spa & Skin care salon in Clearwater, Florida… While the majority of our clients are women, some of the Floridian men are also among our long-term customers… All in all, we’re an ultimate place to relax in the ultimate relaxation’s state!


So Impressed!

As a former massage salon worker myself, I can tell you that this salon is one of the best. They do everything the right way, and their girls’ hands are just made for the job they do, they bring me a pure relaxation!

Loved the Service

Oh my, what would I do without these guys! I visit their salon couple of times a week and sometimes I just can’t imagine how I’ would of endured my life work/family life rhythm without such a relaxation retreat as…

Amazing Experience
What a great experience!

Loved the massage and facial I received today! This will get me ready for my work week!

Nancy H